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Articles & Case Studies


Clinical Case Studies:

– The Biomedical Handbook

“1982 FDA approved Thermography as an adjunctive Breast screening procedure. Breast Thermography has the ability to detect the first signs of a tumor that may be forming up to 10 years before other procedures can detect it. The greatest evidence supporting the underlying principle of thermal imaging regarding cancerous tumors surrounds the well documented recruitment of existing vascularity and diagnosis. Conclusion-it has the ability to signal an alarm that cancer may be forming up to 10 years before other procedures can.”

– National Cancer Institute

“Thermography’s digital infrared imaging can detect the increase in regional breast temperatures resulting from measured blood vessel activity in both pre cancerous tissue and the area surrounding a developing breast cancer.”

– The Lancet

One of the oldest most respected medical journals in the world “Screening for breast cancer with mammography is unjustified…the data show that for every 1000 women screened biennially throughout 12 years, one breast-cancer death is avoided whereas the total number of deaths is increased by six…there is no reliable evidence that screening decreases breast-cancer mortality.”

– Albert Einstein Medical Center, Division of Radiology

“Thermography is a safe examination that can be utilized for preliminary screening.”

-United States Library of Medicine, Pub-Med Central, Journal List, International Seminars in Surgical Oncology

 “Dynamic, Thermal analysis of the breast is a safe, non-invasive approach that seems to be sensitive for the early detection of Breast Cancer.”

–The Lancet

One of the oldest most respected medical journals in the world. “Atherosclerosis, a disease of the blood vessels, commonly known as hardening of the arteries. Newly adopted technology such as Thermography.”

– The Lancet

 “Screening for breast cancer with mammography is unjustified especially for women under age 50″

– Neuro Surgery Online

 Interoperative application of Thermography in Extra Cranial By Pass surgery; Conclusion: “Thermography is useful not only to demonstrate the distribution of blood flow through the extra cranial, intracranial bypass but also to quantitatively evaluate the RCBF changes in the operative fields.”

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