Specializing in breast & full body thermal imaging for men and women

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  • Painless
  • No Radiation
  • No Contact or Compression


Imaging for the whole family!

Even though our primary focus is for the prevention of breast cancer, we also conduct full or partial-body screenings, which is an excellent screening tool that gives you an “inside look” of what is going on inside your body before a symptom even presents itself

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Women, men, and children OF ALL AGES can have a thermogram, it is completely safe.

We offer 3 different screenings:

  • Breast/Lymph screening: Front of breast, side of breasts (under the arms), obliques (45 degree angle) of breasts, underneath the breast, and a full torso view to explore the digestive system
  • Women’s/Men’s screening: From top of head to pelvic area, full cranial (face, sinus area, allergies, gumline, jaw, and thyroid (includes carotid arteries) Breast and Lymph screening (for men: chest and lymph node screening), upper and lower spine, back of neck, full torso (abdomen, digestive tract, stomach, all major organs) skin disease
  • Full Body: From top of head to bottoms of feet (all the above), includes arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, and toes

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