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  • Painless
  • No Radiation
  • No Contact or Compression

Breast/Lymph/Torso Screenings:

Breast thermography is an imaging technology that uses advanced computerized infrared camera systems to detect heat patterns in the breast. When a cancer is forming it develops its own blood supply in order to feed its accelerated growth. Even more important, pre-cancerous tissues can start this process well in advance of the cells becoming malignant. This increased blood supply causes an abnormal heat pattern in the breast. Thermography may detect this abnormal heat pattern. These abnormal heat patterns are among the earliest known signs of a forming cancer.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Abnormal images, like the one shown on the left, show blood vessels giving off heat in one breast. 

Normal images, like the one shown on the right, show evenly cool inactive breasts (dark blue color represents cold areas)  

Since the procedure does not pose any harm to the patient, women who are at higher risk can be monitored closely without adverse effects on their health.

Thermography is great if you want to avoid breast disease and you:

  • Are over age 20
  • Have lumpy breasts
  • Have sensitive breast or you have breast implants (OUCH! A mammogram applies severe pressure)
  • You or a family member has been treated for breast cancer
  • You want to or have to avoid radiation
  • If you have had 5 or more mammograms in your lifetime

 The question is: If cancer is so small for so long, how can we see it?

The answer: We can’t, what we can see with an infrared thermography camera are the signs of development, which are not microscopic! Pre-screening with infrared thermography can save lives with pre-early detection giving you time to prevent further development and seek treatment of the underlying cause. Now, that is doing something different!

Breast/Lymph screening consists of 7 images, front of the breasts, side view(under the arms) oblique (45 degree angle of each breast), under the breasts. (Bonus! Bonus!) We also add a total torso image to check for digestive problems, or anything that may come up that is contributing to your breast problems.

A change in the sensitivity of your breasts, other than pain, might be a symptom of menopause, but it also might be something more severe. It could be mastic breast tissue, cysts, breast disease, or even neuropathy related to multiple sclerosis or fibromyalgia. It may also be a warning sign of breast cancer.


The new government recommendations on breast cancer screening were surprising to many doctors. The government is currently recommending against regular mammography tests for women aged 40 to 49. The guidelines also downplay the effectiveness of self-examinations and advise that women aged 50 to 74 years receive mammograms every other year.The change in early detection direction came from a U.S. Preventive Services Task Force comprised of a government panel of doctors and scientists. They concluded that early and frequent screenings by mammography often lead to false alarms and unneeded biopsies without substantially improving a woman’s odds of survival.

Please allow one hour for exam

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