Specializing in breast & full body thermal imaging for men and women

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  • Painless
  • No Radiation
  • No Contact or Compression



The patient will hand in the filled out questionnaire and the HIPPA (patient privacy) form.

The next step is for the patient to disrobe down to underpants, or shorts and put on a light-weight gown. This will allow for the body to acclimate to the ambient temperature of the room before imaging.

Patient information relating to symptoms and history will be taken, this focuses on the main complaints and concerns of the patient.

A full explanation is given before the imaging is started so that the patient understands what is going to happen. The patient is reassured that there is no radiation, no contact with the body and that nothing will be felt.

A female technician will be doing your screenings.

The test will involve a number of views being taken, each may take a couple of seconds. We require the patient to remain as still as possible for the couple of seconds., holding your breath is not necessary.

The test is like having your photograph taken, a thermographer focuses the scanner and takes an image which is saved onto the computer and then sent to the doctor for interpretation and reporting.

Once all the images have been taken the thermographer reviews the images with the patient and explains what the colors mean, and what to expect from the written report.

Your report will contain useful information relating to your physiological status (function of the body). The interpreting doctor will identify any significant findings that relate to your symptoms and history and give an opinion that will help your treating practitioner. If other testing or tools are recommended, the thermography report can help guide to the area of concern.

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