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  • Painless
  • No Radiation
  • No Contact or Compression

Pre-Exam Instructions


3 months prior to imaging:  No major breast surgery, no chemo/radiation, no breastfeeding

1 month prior to imaging: No minor breast surgery (breast biopsy), no major dental work

To obtain an accurate reading of your thermogram, please follow the instructions below:

Do not eat one hour prior to your exam.

Do not eat or drink caffeinated products 2 hours prior to your exam

No prolonged sun exposure (especially sunburn) to the chest and breast areas 5 days prior to exam.

On the day of exam, please do not use any lotions, creams, powders, perfumes, or makeup on the breasts or body, and no use of deodorants or antiperspirants.

No shaving (or other types of hair removal) of the chest, breasts, or underarms for 24 hours.

No treatment (chiropractic, acupuncture,TENS, physical therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound,( hot or cold packs use) of the neck, chest, or breasts for 24 hours before the exam.

No exercise 4 hours before the exam.

Avoid taking a hot shower just before your exam.

Avoid taking any medications/supplements on the day of your exam. (especially pain medication, necessary medications such as blood pressure, heart, thyroid medications are permitted) – please notify the technician.

Do not smoke or use any nicotine products 2 hours prior to exam, better yet- QUIT!

Please inform your technician about any recent skin lesions or bruising, rosacea, or any other skin disorders.

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