Specializing in breast & full body thermal imaging for men and women

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  • Painless
  • No Radiation
  • No Contact or Compression

About Us

We use Board Certified doctors through IACT (International Academy of Clinical Thermology) to read our reports  (over 23 years experience)                                 




(Certified Clinical Thermographer)

Glee Pozos received training/certification as a thermal imaging tech from “Thermography Unlimited” in La Mesa, California in September 2010

I have been utilizing  thermography/body works in my life for the past twelve years. I have watched over the years family members, and dear friends who were hit with the direct reality and impact of breast cancer, but now I know there was something that could be done


As a certified Thermographer I work directly with patients to provide the highest quality in thermal imaging. we use “state of the art” equipment so that we  have crystal clear  images, and a very detailed report on our findings. My goal is to make thermography as common and vital as your annual pap test, as well as affordable.

I am committed and passionate about alternative medicine and use it almost exclusively. I am fascinated with how the human body works and enjoy learning and expanding my understanding of it.  I want to educate women/men on the benefits of thermography and how it offers early detection of the development of disease that can be then reversed through diet and nutrition before it becomes life threatening.

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